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Tadashi Endo

Tadashi Endo director of the Butoh-Center MAMU and the Butoh-Festivals MAMU in Göttingen - embodies in the truest sense of that word the wisdom of both, the Western and Oriental dance and theatre traditions.
His repertoiry includes No theatre, Kabuki and Butoh, as well as the traditional forms of Occidental theatre, which he studied at the Max-Reinhard-Seminar in Vienna.
In this synthesis of worldwide traditions, Tadashi Endo transcends the boundaries of each, although butoh's trancelike absorption into oneself continues to be visible as the stating point of his movement.
In his extraordinary dances, Tadashi Endo succeeds to express the fields of tension between Ying and Yang, the male and femal and their ever lasting alteration. He uses the suggestive power of concentrated movement phrases to explore the closure of life's cycles.
He opens up a voide space, which can be either calming or irritating, and in the experience of which the observer submerges him-/herself into a world beyond time and words: that is MA. (MA means in Zen-buddhism:"emptyness" and "the space between the things".) 

In 1989 Tadashi Endo met Kazuo Ohno for the first time and they both realized a deep mental relationship which is increasing since then. Tadashi Endo dances his life, his dreams, his feelings in his very special movements and deep expression. He is touring all around East- and West-Europe, USA and Japan. 



Tadashi Endo 

born in Peking, Japanese    
1973 - 1976
study of theatre director
Max Reinhardt Seminar, Wien
met Kazuo Ohno, since then continuous collaboration
  since 1982 Danceperformances with famous Jazz-musician as:
T. Kondo, A. Takase, M. Sato, K. Umezu, St. Lacy, C. Bauer, P. Kowald, G. Sommer, U. Gumpert , G. Gebbia, Gunter Hampel
and many more on following festivals in:

Moers (82 u. 96), München (84), Willisau (85), Leipzig (85 u.87),
Leverkusen (87 u. 88), Salzburg (88), Uzès/Nîmes (90), Athen (93),
Neapel (93), Palermo (93)

Choreographies and directories

at the Junges Theater Göttingen,
Deutsches Theater Göttingen,
Staatstheater Hannover,
Luisenburger Festspiele 


leader and director of the
"theater-kooperative northeim"
created pieces:
"Freßsack und die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" (composition and text: Ton-Steine-Scherben),
"Grün" (1rst award of the Deutsche Schülertheatertreffen 1981, Berlin, Germany)
"Krieg der Clowns",


"Das Buch von Christoph Columbus"
from Paul Claudel with Willi Praml


"Metasequoia" with MAMU DANCE THEATRE (MDT) 


"Senro" with the MDT 


"Minotaurus" with the MDT and actors of the Ensemble of the "Junges Theater Göttingen" 


"Migration" with the MDT 


"Migration 01 " with the MDT 


"OIDIPUS" from Heiner Müller / Hölderlin / Sophokles
Staatstheater Darmstadt,
director: Thomas Krupa 


"LOHENGRIN" from Richard Wagner
Staatsoper Mainz,
director: Thomas Krupa 


"SHI ZEN - Seven bowls" with cie LUME
Campinas/Sao Paolo
(nominated to the Shell Award, Brazil 2004 and No Ballet award Ludwigsburg, Germany in 2005) 


"BACK PACK" (working title) with the MDT 


"SOPRO" with Carlos Simioni - LUME
Campinas/Sao Paulo 

 2007 "KI ME RA" with the MDT and guests



Danceperformances (Solo):  

with U.Gumpert (p)
with Günther "Baby" Sommer (perc)
"MA" (Solo)
"Ins Licht Gestorben" Requiem
project at the memorial festival of W.A. Mozart's  200th birthday,
Festspielhaus Salzburg,
director and producer: Franz Pillinger
"Mamuish" with Ko Murobushi & Urara Kusanagi 
"Shiki" with Peter Kowald (b), Gianni Gebbia (sax)
"Quai Dan" (Solo), compositions and sound Peter Kowald
"Das Testament" with G. Nevo (v) and André De Groote (p)
"Tasogare" (Solo)
"Here and .." with Gianni Gebbia (sax)
"Spiegel" with stringquartett Spiegel
in De Single/Antwerpen
"Winterreise & Jigoku Hen" with Franz Pillinger (b) 
"One-Nine-Four-Seven" (Solo)
"Kara Da Kara" (Solo)
Jokaste in "OIDIPUS" from Heiner Müller / Hölderlin / Sophokles,
Staatstheater Darmstadt,
director Thomas Krupa 
"Synapsis - art meets science"
with Sainkho Namtchylak (vocal), Akira Endo (videodesign),
Sam Auinger & Hannes Strobl (compositions and sound),
Frank Kirchhoff (scientific concept) 


performing in :

Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, München, Stuttgart, Lissabon, Wien,
Salzburg, Palermo, Lugano, Antwerpen, Brüssel, Gent, St. Petersburg,
Puschkin, Kiew, Tallin, Tokyo, Kobe, Turin, Houston/TX, Budapest,
Vilnius, London, Rijkjavik, Jerusalem, London, Tel Aviv, Sao Paolo,
Campinas, Vancouver, Seattle, Paris, Rio de Janeiro etc.


Director of the Butoh-Centrum MAMU in Göttingen (Germany),
Artistic director of the International Butoh-Festivals MAMU in Göttingen and Tokyo,
Director and choreographer of the cie. MAMU DANCE THEATRE. Guest professor at:
Highschool of Music and Expressive Arts in Frankfurt/Main,Germany
Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem,Israel
Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Teatrais,Unicamp, Univsersity Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil