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Choreography: Tadashi Endo
Music: Tadashi Endo
Lightdesign: Tadashi Endo
Stagedesing: Tadashi Endo
Costumes: MAMU DANCE THEATRE, Esther Hoyuelos
Production: Gabriele Endo
Fotoes: Marciej Rusinek



Chou futatsu kiyu
Manshu no yukino no hateni
Tsuma no yobu koe

Their wings open wide
Two butterflies, glide
Across Manchuria
A vast open land, white as snow.
And the voice of lost loves
Calling back from the dead
Make echoes.

By Waka Morinishi, Tadashi Endo's grandmother


MAMU DANCE THEATRE was founded by Tadashi Endo in 1992. Alongside his own successful solo career, he wanted to work with European dancers using Japanese Butoh as the starting point, but encouraging each dancer to work from their own personal and cultural history to find new approaches to dance.

The three dancers in MIGRATION 01 originate from three different countries - Frances Barbe (Australia), Yael Karavan (Israel), and Yumino Seki (Japan) though they have all been based in London for many years.



Frances Barbe, originally from Australia and now living in London, trained first in ballet and modern dance and later studied theatre. She has studied Butoh since 1992 in Australia, Japan and Europe, and has been with Tadashi Endo's Mamu Dance Theatre since 1997. She has choreographed five dance works for Australian company Zen Zen Zo as well as her own solo work in London. She also performed with Katsura Kan at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001. She has trained for many years in the Japanese actor training method of Tadashi Suzuki with John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll of Frank AAPE, and is co-fouder of London's Theatre Training Initiative, providing professional development workshops for performers. She has worked outside of dance in physical theatre, circus and opera. In 2001 she was awarded a Creative Fellowship in the Performing Arts from the Arts and Humanities Research Board and Daiwa-Anglo Japanese Foundation to pursue her research into Butoh and Suzuki.

Yael Karavan was born in Israel and grew up in Florence and Paris. Her dream of joining the circus was taken away by a serious scoliosis which began her study of body awareness through seven years of Feldenkraise. She studied theatre at "Telma Yelin" school of arts, performing both on television and in professional theatre. Searching for a new and different way of physical expression on stage, she travelled taking workshops in New-York, Paris and London. She studied at the Phillipe Gaulier school and Derevo's "School on Wheels". In 1996 she encountered Butoh and took classes with Sankai Juku, Carlotta Ikeda, Kazuo Ohno and others. She performs with Yumiko Yoshioka's 'Ten Pen Chii Art Labor', co founded 'Adapt- Theatre Picture Collision' with Minako Seki and Yuko Kaseki. and tours with her solo internationally. She joined MAMU DANCE THEATRE in Autumn 2000. She has working with DEREVO in 2004

Yumino Seki was born in Japan and trained in both classical and contemporary dance. Since 1989 she has been based in London where she completed a BA in Fine Art and expanded her dance experience into contact improvisation, release based contemporary, energy work, authentic movement and Butoh. She has worked with many established choreographers and dance artists both in the UK and internationally. including Gary Rowe, Angela Woodhouse, Marie Gabrielle Roti, Ruth Gibson, and Rachel Gomme. She has choreographed and directed group performances and collaborated with artists from other disciplines, including a recent dance film project funded by Chisenhale Dance Space. She was a member of Yumiko Yoshioka's 'Ten-Pen-Chii Art Labor' in Germany and is currently member of Carlotta Ikeda's Ariadone. She has been working with Tadashi Endo since 2000.






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